Free Write Friday Right Here 🙂

It was a weekend full of festivities, Marcus turned 24.

We started with a breakfast with our good friend Camille.

That worked out well for Marcus’ food plan, which was a big part of his birthday wishes. He wanted to eat the foods we’ve been trying to avoid, and some we haven’t avoided but are his favorites. The list for his birthday party included, but was not limited to: biscuits and gravy, cheese burger, French fries, hot dogs, cheese pizza, a round chocolate peanut butter and jelly cake and more. Well, you can see why we had to celebrate/eat all weekend in order to get all that in.

marcus mm bdayCamille brought Marcus a gift. As you may recall Marcus is in love with Marilyn Monroe and plans to marry her once he gets into heaven.

The day then included errands and readying for party two, which was at Goldeez bar for Karaoke. We started early so we had lots of time to sing. It was fun to see friends we hadn’t seen for a while and also new friends like Noah, the illustrator for Marcus’ book and Emily, Marcus’ music therapist/voice teacher came out too. The party didn’t go all night, as they can, because in came a hail storm and flash flood, so some of our friends couldn’t make it over. However, just as we were wrapping up, in came Joey.

Tangential, what is with “J” names and boys with DS? I’d like to see a scientific study of the names. Lots of Sarah’s for girls and lots of Josh and Joey for boys.

Anyway! We’ve known Joey since he and Marcus were in preschool together. Joey walked in and leaned up against a tall table and surveyed the room, perhaps a little too cool for this joint.
Marcus hasn’t seen Joey for a few years, really, and went to give him a hug. Joey was not going to have that. Joey works three jobs, lives on a farm, drinks beer, and does not karaoke. As we chatted with Amy, his mom, she made the note, “For all the way people like to lump our children together, like they are all the same, “ Our two boys are about as opposite as you can get.”

I need to write a whole post, or two, about Marcus and Joey. Alright. I will.

I haven’t even gotten to the Sat get togethFree write Fridayer with close friends and the Sunday night party with the grandparents…I’m running out of time! And today I have to stop at 15 minutes because I have to go help Stephanie change the world, help my Dad, get Marcus to workout, see a friend, and then write sommore. It’s an impossible list day today, good thing I overslept again, maybe that means I’ll have the energy to do it!

Welp – That’s it. 15 minute FreeWrite. See you next week friends!