bday blog

Here we are at the end of year TWO. Two years of blogging and generally being part of the on-line community. I’ve learned so much about people, about the internet, about social networking, about Google, about blogging tricks and tips and, as is the custom, a little bit about myself, too.

Here are 5 things I’ve Learned About and From Blogging

5) Some people suck. Many people don’t.

How old will I be when people stop surprising me, I wonder. I read the news and what people make as news and I get beat back, I get let down, I let myself down and hide. Then I watch the ripples of change reach out from the work of those I respect. I try to put my own words in, as I fight what I call the “Google War.” I can only hope that the person who needs us (I mean us in general, the words of those who use words of love and hope, #TeamT21 and more) finds us and our words and journeys and… And again, there are so many good, strong, professionals and families that are making a dent. The slow progress needed when you push a boulder up a hill. Or as my friend Dr. Smolka says, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

4) If you’re fighting the Google War – choose your word and make the most of it. When you’re not, don’t.

As a freelance and ghostwriter, I know about word counts, and using key words and making the most of the ever changing target that is google analytics. And then, for my own blog, I almost always ignore them. Sigh. I hope you found me because our story is what you’re looking for. I hope you come back, or

, or even sign up for the email list. Some posts are part of the “Google War,” and some posts just…well, are not. These are when I ramble, or just share a “day in the life,” or just share in general. And those are OK, too. Maybe more, who knows?

3) There is a need for this truth to be shared.

wave 2I am in the middle of getting a little facelift to the website. Two years is enough to start to see what needs to be fixed up, updated, and so on. And it has caused me to reflect a bit on why we are here, in the blogosphere. The biggest reason is because Marcus’ life is a good life and it is a truth that needs to be shared. Hay you, fellow blogger, same to you. Yours is a truth that needs to be shared, too. I’m glad you do.

2) My “voice” is still evolving.

I’ve been updating and sharing a few of the original posts and I can see how much my voice has changed in this short time. I hope it continues to grow. Some days I struggle with focus, and others I lay everything inside of me on the page pretty thick. I’m still looking for that middle ground and I hope you will stay with me on the journey to find it. 🙂

1) You never know who you’re reaching. You just don’t.

This last weekend I got to meet and talk to people who have read a word or two of mine. Some of them are people I am familiar with their work and their online presence as well and some of them were new connections. Analytics can tell me how many people find this blog, how many look at a page and maybe a bit about their geography and links. However, at the moment I don’t have any analytics to tell me who these people really are. I write it, I pour my soul out, I try to clean it up into a little box, and then I give it to you. Whoever you are. It’s a strange strange thing this blogoshpere.

SO Happy Birthday Blog! We’re two years down the road and it looks like we’ve just begun. So, climb in with us and ride along.