Here's one we took:

Here’s one we took:

1) 1000 True Fans starts with One.

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, isn’t for everyone, but those who it is for

– LOVE it!

We heard of families at the show whose kids read and read again the storybook. Here’s a great share from our first biggest little fan from the conference: 

We love this photo, Thanks to our new friends for sharing. !!!

Posted by Grown Ups & Downs on Sunday, June 28, 2015

2) Marcus wrote a book about inclusion. Huh. I thought it was a Halloween story with a little bit of Rock-&-Roll. Now that it’s been pointed out, alright, it is pretty obvious. Write a good story and the theme will come. (I’m inspired and will expound on this later)

3) The highs and lows of young…dare I say love?…doesn’t count chromosomes. This isn’t my story to tell, but it was great to witness a few times over while on this trip. 

4) Meeting Like-Minded Mommas. You know those friends who you haven’t seen for who knows how long and you just pick up where you left off? Well, I learned this can happen with friends you’ve never even met before. Stephanie, Sandra, Susan it’s like we met in the middle of a conversation. Love that!

5) “Our Children” are diverse and beautiful. I keep telling you this and I mean it. Also, there are just some people who will jump up and dance to the song “Happy” every time it plays…I want to be more like those people.

patti ad Marcus6) It’s not easy channeling grief into purpose, but it is being done. For the sake of my son and yours. Amazing to witness.

7) So much more to do!!!!! Points to tackle: race disparities, services for adults and families for adults, employment, equal rights, outreach, medical standards…

Let’s do this.

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