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Inspiration and Art-Work

2020-08-08T10:06:47-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs, The Innocent Prince|Tags: , , , , , |

After several posts on or relating to love, we’re wrapping up with inspiration. 


Love and Inspiration

Inspiration is a notion tossed around like it’s a miracle, a blessing from the muse. A flash of light, an idea from the invisible. 

It’s true; inspiration is a blessed apparition which appears when you’re open and looking. Then, once the beautiful notion comes to you, you’ve got to hunker down and do the work. Inspiration may give you a nudge, but nothing gets completed without doing the work. 


Once Upon a Time

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Love…True Love

In my teen years, I thought love was all fire and ice. Love was meant to be an extreme emotion full of passion, rage, jealousy, and greed. Love meant big fights and deep pain, only real love caused the kind of pain that proves how true the love is. 

Obviously (or not) I didn’t have many, maybe any, positive relationship role models at the time. So, I relied on music, movies, and books for love directions. 

Oh. Dear. 

Therefore the tropes of forbidden love, violent, and reckless love were bought and sold by me as the truth.

The Pros and Cons of Sharing Online

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The Message that The Internet is Forever…

While speaking at a Listen to Your Mother Event,  I met a mother whose middle son died by suicide. She bravely shared about how his life was cut short because of two bad decisions. 

When a picture he shared privately, became public (after being tormented with the possibility for no one knows how long) he decided that humiliation was more than he could bear. His life ended at aged 15. 

How many times have

Love Makes Miracles Grow

2020-08-08T10:12:05-05:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , |

I really like cut flowers. We have an agreement. They brighten up the room. I often give them fresh water. Eventually, they wilt and brown, then I toss them into the backyard. Rabbits eat them. They decompose. It’s the circle of life. 

With living plants, the agreement should be different. But for whatever reason, under my supervision, they often don’t thrive. After I’ve failed them, I take the poor thing to someone with more plant talent than I and hand them over to a new home in personal defeat. Most of

My Best Self-Care Advice – Short and Sweet

2020-02-04T12:42:07-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , |

Everything I know about self-care, I’ve learned the hard way. Still am.

Sometimes, it’s hard to reconcile that taking care of yourself is an act of love for others. Yet, it’s true.

As a mother, I cannot give my son the attention and security he deserves if I don’t take care of my own body and mind.

As a wife, I cannot give my husband the energy and focus he desires, if I’m not healthy and alert.

And on it goes…right?

Plus, self-care is a hot topic because it’s a hot seller.

Truth is, the best actions to take for yourself don’t cost money and

Love Blog KickOff

2020-02-04T20:37:33-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: |

Happy February! Let me just start by saying if February goes by as quickly as January did, this is going to be the shortest year on record. 


(Checks notes) 

SO, it appears there are actually fewer days in February than January, but more days this February than most years, so…

My previous comment still stands. I don’t know what’s happened to this year already. 

And even though I feel “behind” barely over one month in already – I am accepting Belle Brita’s Love Blog Challenge. With the promise to myself

I see the light in the little things

2020-02-08T10:38:19-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

Five Little Things

Marcus laughing on cue as a customer

I love it when Marcus laughs a certain deep catching his breath kind of laugh that pretty much only Quinn can inspire in him. That’s the best sound. 

I love it when my nephews are glad to see me and want to tell me the cool things they’ve learned or ideas they have. That’s the best feeling. 

I love it when a colleague has an idea and our team reacts ready to try it and/or celebrate it. That’s the best

Singing, Meet Your New Road

2020-02-08T10:46:19-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , , , |

It will be a busy start to the year with trips to Dallas and Houston, Phoenix and Tampa, New Orleans and New York City. Most for business, one for fun and family. Plus a few more maybe trips and locations, and all within the first 6 months.

What will all that running accomplish? What I’m striving for these trips is connections: more, stronger, and better.

Gift from a Stranger

Marcus at the most recent airport

Marcus and I recently came home from a combo trip, work and fun. The work portion combined both print-work

Parceling Love and Other Conundrums

2020-02-08T10:51:32-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

Re-sharing today this Free Write that began with the prompt love – and applies to today’s #LoveBlog challenge prompt, vulnerability.

Free-writes are by nature personal and rambling.

Also, because my laptop is having issues, we’re going Avant Garde with punctuation. The question mark will be signified with /.

Enter at your own risk.

Of the 468 blogs currently on my website, the search term “love” brings up 233 results. Of those, 12 “headlines” include love in the title.  So,

A Home of Love and Laughter

2020-02-01T18:41:01-06:00Categories: Grown Ups & Downs|Tags: , , , |

A Lifetime of Laughter

Before we married, Quinn told me an anecdote from the old sitcom “Night Court.” The characters included the goofy judge, the “together” lawyer, and the grumpy-old-lady-guard. The “together” lawyer was lamenting the goofy judge’s capacity for silliness, how could they succeed in a forever relationship together when he refused to “grow up”? Concerns for his responsibility weighed upon her mind and the prospect of their future.

After a pause, the grumpy-old-lady-guard said, “Yeah… after a lifetime of laughter, what have you got?”

This story was one of the ways Quinn convinced


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