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The Video Of Marcus Speaking at the United Nations

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For real.

If you want #BlackDayBook and Grown Ups and Downs updates, not too often – I promise, Join the Club here!

Here’s what we said:

Listening to Self-Advocates: Relate, Respond, and Amplify

(Marcus parts in bold)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Marcus Wright Sikora.

I wrote a book called Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.

I’m a storyteller, an actor, and a singer.

I’m glad to be here with people from around the world  

talking about Down Syndrome.

New York City is my favorite.

This is my mom, Mardra. She’s a writer, too.

Marcus Sikora Global’s 2017 Ambassador Video

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Marcus’ Big Night

at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself 

included a tribute video.

To start with, Marcus gave a speech in front of 1200+ people under the spotlights. (That speech is here). He spoke to journalists and faced the flashing cameras on the runway. (One of my favorites is here). And he ROCKED the runway. Marcus and the Stars!

Like most successful, public events, it came after a lot of practice. He practiced his speech. He practiced his model “moves.” It also helps how many big events he has been a part of this year, TV interviews, speaking

Marcus’ Speech at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Event (Video)

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SO, it’s been a week now.

One week since Mr. Marcus Sikora did his second runway walk at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself fashion show. I can tell you now that at the event last year, Marcus told me that he wanted to give his own speech at this event. That it was not my idea. I even, gently, asked him a few times, “Are you sure?”

His answer, “Yes.”

So, he did.

Marcus in a top hat speaking at the podium of the Global Down Syndrome Event

We shared the video of his

Marcus Makes the Most of Every Meeting

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On Tuesday, March 21st, we met people from around the world. Marcus gave copies of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band to a person with, or a family member of a person, with Down syndrome from Italy, Algeria, Mexico, Canada, and the US. 

World Down Syndrome Day at The United Nations

We listened to the advocacy challenges and wins of our worldwide Down syndrome community. The mom from Kyrgyzstan, and her brave story.  Advocates from Romania and Palestine and more. and Always, my favorite part of the WDSD at the UN is hearing from the self-advocates,

Marcus and Moving Mountains

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PJs and SchoolThis last Tuesday Marcus and I travelled to Bennington, NE. We shared the animated short and book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band with the students. The kids were all in their pajamas as it was “pajama day.” And also Dr. Seuss week. So the PTO invited a local author in to tell his story. 

Big Kids Classes

Also, with the “big kids” Marcus and I talked about what makes a good story, the importance of set,

Where Marcus talks about Me

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2016-MarcusMom Hug-053Marcus isn’t always great at direct question and answer. Prepositions and pronouns are sometimes hard for him to grasp and answer. Directions like up/down/under…are very hard for him. However, he’s very good at grasping abstract thought, he has communicated/shown me this for years in ways broader and bigger than just words.

This is part of why I decided to share this fun experiment here – because you can really see his capacity for perception in ways bigger and broader than just

Speaking of the Process…

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Earlier this week I lamented about how difficult I find it to write about the writing process with Marcus. As is the current custom the lament was shared on Facebook, here’s part of it:

Today I’m trying to get “on paper” the process of creating Black Day. I’ve written bits here and there about what writing with Marcus is like. I don’t know why it’s so hard to capture. Because on the one hand it’s pretty simple: He tells me dialogue, action and setting, and I write it down. On the other hand, art is

A Recap of the Audition Marcus Won

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Speaking of Fashion & Travel

**This is a repost of when Marcus and I travelled to Denver for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself” Fashion Show auditions, with added Facebook Video**

We walked into the small room outside the theatre designated for the auditions and found ourselves among many bright, engaged, and excited faces. We were among children and adults with Down syndrome all ready to shine.

For me, the response was visceral, coming from deep within me and travelling to the edge of my

Marcus’ New Jeans and Fashion Show Auditions

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Today – we’re going to talk about fashion.

Marcus’ new Downs Designs jeans and his model audition

I am not a talented “Suzie-homemaker,” which I perceive as someone who can wallpaper and sew and serves a “complete breakfast” every morning, and so on. When house-shopping I said to the realtor, “If the word potential even crosses your mind: do not show me the house.” I cannot paint. I cannot lay new carpet. It took me over a year to put pictures on the wall.

And sewing. Yeah….no. This includes everything. If a shirt has

A Note From Marcus’ Dad

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Today we have a special treat: A guest post from Quinn!

 Meeting Marcus

I knew I was in trouble the moment I met Marcus. He was 2 1/2 years old and tiny. He looked at me and smiled, only it wasn’t a smile of courtesy at being introduced, it was a smile of great enthusiasm as if he already knew and loved me; like I’d returned. It scared me.

At first, it was because I had a thing for his mother, and by way of implication, that could mean a heavy responsibility was literally staring me in the