A Lifetime of Laughter

Before we married, Quinn told me an anecdote from the old sitcom “Night Court.” The characters included the goofy judge, the “together” lawyer, and the grumpy-old-lady-guard. The “together” lawyer was lamenting the goofy judge’s capacity for silliness, how could they succeed in a forever relationship together when he refused to “grow up”? Concerns for his responsibility weighed upon her mind and the prospect of their future.

After a pause, the grumpy-old-lady-guard said, “Yeah… after a lifetime of laughter, what have you got?”

This story was one of the ways Quinn convinced me to keep him. So many worse fates than a lifetime of laughter.

Keeping a Sense of Humor

When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she said, “So…I’ve got old-timers?”

“Yup,” I said.

“Well, at least I’ve still got my sense of humor.”

The doctor said, “It’s better to lose your memory than your sense of humor.”


While my mother was sick and dying in the hospital, she joked with the nurses and hammed it up to the very last. At the visitation night before her funeral, there was more laughter than tears as friends and family shared stories and comforted one another. When family who couldn’t be here reached out to me, it was the memories full of laughter they shared with me.

Does Laughter Equal Happiness?

In a previous post about laughter, I mentioned the quote, “The problem with your family is they judge happiness by laughter.”

It’s true that laughter doesn’t simply equal true happiness. For example, a bitter cackle or a sinister snicker is empty of joy, yet still a laugh. But when there’s love…laughter and love are the quintessential complimentary team.

When times are good, the laughter flows easily like a rushing creek in the spring. When times are hard, laughter in a house with love is truly medicine, nourishment, and relief. I’ve been hungry but still happy, when I lived in a house with love and laughter.

I’ve also lived in a privileged space without want, but it included biting words, and missed thoughtfulness and respectfulness. I chose hungry (again) rather than live without the fullness that laughter and love together to bring.

Love that includes commitment, respect, encouragement – these are what make a nurturing home. Laughter is a delightful bonus. Laughter without the basis of love is…nice. But not enough. It can take the edge off of hard times, but not replace the comfort and stability that this combo brings.

My wish for everyone, really, is a home with the laughter that fills you, warms you, hugs you.

Marcus and Quinn crack me up nearly every day.  We work at being fun and funny, it’s a priority in our home. To prove it, here’s a short video of these two goofballs, plus a surprise guest! (The laughing is the best part.)


This is a repost from a #LoveBlog2019 Challenge to the Finish The Sentence Friday. This weekend we were asked to write, “What I  love about myself” Wellll, I love my house of love and laughter. I love that we joke together, through the good and the hard stuff.