Marcus at AshlingIn those first days, when I read about and filled up on “Down syndrome,” one point I held onto was the capacity to learn. I also read that people with Down syndrome, given the opportunity, continue learning. The words “reaching potential” really stuck out to me and I’ve focused on this many times over the years. Perhaps it’s also the protagonist portion of my psyche – but I always think, We can Still do that.  Both “everyday” and  academic milestones, Marcus continues to learn. I try to encourage him and would like to find further teachers to help him focus on areas he can improve.

I see him learning and absorbing and processing new and more all the time.

I’ve been noticing it a lot on this trip. For example, yesterday we went into downtown Austin for Marcus 3rd Barbershop trip. As I mentioned on Facebook, he forgot to pack his electric razor and I am no help on this issue. So we have instead had some absolutely awesome barbershop experiences instead.

Back to yesterday. Downtown Austin, like many downtown areas, is wont for parking, and also we arrived pretty much at appointment time. I pulled in front of the Barbershop, took a deep breath, and told Marcus to go on in. I told him to give them his name (he had an appointment) and he wants a clean shave. I’d park the car.

This was a big deal, for me.

Marcus jumped out of the car and said “Go ahead.”

SO, by the time I got the car parked on the 7th floor, last spot, of the garage, walked the stairs down, and entered the barbershop, Marcus was in the chair with hot towels on his face and almost all cleaned up.

My concern is always, Can he make himself understood? This does require people to be “open” and sometimes more patient, to catch his words and his intention. ANYway, it also requires ME LETTING HIM.

I have sometimes felt, in the past that certain “professionals” give up too early on what Marcus is and can be capable of, this is ridiculous because Marcus keeps right on learning. As long as we are willing to teach him and allow him to grow, he has, does, and will. Personally, I think this is true to some extent for every human being, goodness know I’m still learning and have a long way to go, so I’m thrilled to have Marcus with me and we can keep learning together.

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