road with spot color rsThe best way to hear a new album is on a road trip. Or, barring that, a midnight drive. In circles if necessary. Nothing beats hearing a melody pushing your mind and a beat pulse through you while driving down the highway. Lyrics hit you in a space where you can hear them ; you’re locked in to get the message.

Now, the video for track one of Vienna Teng’s new album AIMS, “Level Up,” is great and moving. But I want you to listen to it first. Okay? Just play and close your eyes. I hope you allow Vienna Teng to speak to you, personally, with this song. To do that, you have to just listen to what she has to say. I’ll wait…

Then go ahead, and watch the video. Enjoy this interpretation, showing real people, real bodies, real passions all choosing to “Level Up.” Cry if you want.

Music and the Brain

I wish I could see the lighted reactions in the brain of someone listening to the entire album AIMS.

(They still call them albums, right?)

Of course, seeing just the brain wouldn’t do justice to the entire physical reaction that comes from her work. The blood pulsing. The heart synching. The tapping feet, the involuntary smile and eyes changing focus or closing for a moment longer to…feel. To listen. To experience.

Her songs emote with a musicality she had cultivated and a sound that is distinct to her purpose.

In this album Teng uses a wider range of sounds and effects then her previous works. The expansion matches her energy.

Her music fills me…it inspires me…it pushes me…

I decided to share all of this with you because April is National Poetry Month and Teng is a great poet, storyteller, what-iffer and overall musician.

The first time I listened to “Level up,” the line:

“If you’re afraid,
give more.
If you’re alive,
give more now.”

Words I needed – need – to hear. Spoken to me.

And every time I hear the phrase, from the same song:

“Yes you are only one.
No, it is not enough.
But, if you lift your eyes
I am your brother…”

I think of my on-line friend Jisun, and this post on deserving. She lives her life and shares her words in a way that matches Teng’s lyrics.

Vienna Teng is a “Pandora discovery” for me. I have also seen her live, an experience I suggest to everyone. I now own all of her CD’s. You can too: vienna teng I have included the links to Amazon as a convenience for you, yes, if you buy from this link, I may make a penny or two – but in truth this review is prompted exclusively by my desire to introduce you, or remind you, of this great artist. So, please, discover!

Seriously, I am a lyrics gal. Whose lyrics do you most love for their poetry? For their stories?