Marcus and Quinn - wedding day pic

My two loves the day Quinn and I married; this picture is from Dec 1st, 1996. 

Although Quinn came into our lives a few years before, I feel like the day we married was the day my “real life” began. Or rather, when the “real me” began. What Quinn’s love has given me, more than anything else, is a love that allows, no much more than that, encourages and embraces my authentic self. He does the same for Marcus. I don’t think there has ever been a person able to see Marcus for who he truly is better and more honestly than Quinn.

I wrote a bunch more back story, mushy stuff, and scribbles. None of it was any good, so I’ll spare you. Instead I’m going to share this video of “Through the Eyes of Love” with the lyrics. I sang this song at our wedding and, lucky for all of us, I don’t have that recording. 🙂 I chose this song for my wedding at about age, what? Nine? Ten? As is the girlish custom. However, upon my wedding day and even now, it remains true:

Please, don’t let this feeling end.
It’s everything I am.
Everything I wanna be…