Alright – put words in order. I tell myself; it’s like the song, “One foot in front of the other…”

Free write FridayHere we are another week has passed and there has been a range of words and emotions. Monday Quinn and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, 18 years. I’ll be honest with you, when I got married to Quinn I’m not sure I even knew anyone who had been married 18 years, so that’s a pretty big deal. Year one is paper, year five is wood (or silverware? That’s hilarious? Were we supposed to use plastic the first five years?), 50 is gold as I recall. If you want to know what 18 is, it’s internet router. Very romantic. (Almost as romantic as wood.)

Marcus has found a new pastime that amuses him. He creates “Mii” characters on the Wii. I mention it now because he told me it’s his job and said, “Excuse me, I’ve got work to do,” as he went past me in the kitchen. This adds to my guilt/feeling that the boy needs a real job. Ironically, that takes money and paperwork and I am slacking on my duties regarding both at the moment. So, I guess this Friday is true confessions, eh? Sigh.

ANYway, This weekend we’ll be “off-line” as we hang out with a group of writer friends at a state park camp and try to get those words in order I keep fretting over. Speaking of words, since that’s all I’ve got, the Huffington Post put up another blog of mine yesterday, A Mother’s Tears. (By the way, for any new writers in the world, so far as I can tell, it doesn’t get any easier to bare our soul and put your words into the world. So, there it is.)

This weekend I may jump back into my fiction work, it’s been neglected and these characters are murmuring in my head. Or I may continue on the rants that are also rushing around wanting to be harnessed. We’ll see. 🙂 It’s also time to get the Christmas Cards out and letters mailed. Who’s ready for that? There’s the timer. SO it’s back to you, what did you learn this week and what’s the plan for next?