It’s you’re lucky day, because I am going to tell you one of my favorite Marcus stories from when he was small and talking a lot with hand puppets. I’m going to attempt to tell you with description a very visual story but, well…

This is a #TBT post and I chose this one to (re) share because we’ve been talking a lot about Marcus’ creativity and how it’s always been a part of his personality. In fact, our friend Robyn over at CoolestMommy’s Coolest Thoughts just brought it up too in her recap of the big #BlackDayBook Party in Omaha, her blog: Did That Just Happen? #BlackDayBook and Reality Check.  It also came up in this interview with the Bellevue Public Library.

This “Puppet Post” went up originally in October of 2013 as part of the *31 for 21* Thanks to Big Blueberry Eyes for the Down Syndrome Awareness Month Challenge

Set The Scene

Marcus was small for a long time. If he were born now, with today’s safety rules, he would probably would have be in some sort of car seat device until he was a 13 or so. Seriously, he was small for a long time. And then, it seems like overnight, he wasn’t.  But that’s not what I’m going to tell you about, I’m going to tell you about one day as he rode in the front seat of the car while Quinn was driving. As we have already discussed, Marcus has an active imagination and he’s not afraid to tell his stories to those around him or himself. When I shared about the self-talk , I had this conversation on Twitter with a few other parents from across the world:

Get to the Puppets Already!


On this particular day, Marcus’ had his hands as puppets, right talking to left, left talking to right.  There were no words, per se, they spoke to each other in whatever puppet language was fashionable at the time. Right hand to left hand, left hand to right. Fingers moving up and down, mimicking the speaking motion. Then, there began to be a bit of a conflict. Some agitation between hand puppets. A little more growly sounds and agitated vocals animated the conversation. Suddenly one hand, lets say the right,  turns to face Marcus, then back to the other hand. It grumbles an inquisition. The left hand takes his turn, looks at Marcus then the finger mouth asks a question of the other hand. A quiet conversation is mumbled between the hands, then in unison they turned, finger-noses pointed right at Marcus’ chest and…Attack! Both Marcus’ hands flailed over his chest until Marcus drops his head back, and his arms fall to his sides, “uogh.” Then silent stillness.


This, my friends, is why you should always be kind to the monsters in your head.

I don’t know how Quinn didn’t crash the car while witnessing this performance. So hilarious!

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