From the Global Down Syndrome Foundation official release:

As an author, singer, actor and self-advocate, Marcus Sikora has already accomplished more in his life than most other 26-year-olds. Now he’s gathering yet another accomplishment as the 2017 Be Beautiful Be Yourself Ambassador.

When it comes to describing the Nebraska native, many people tend to use the word creative. The description aligns perfectly with Marcus’ ambitions, in 2015 he released his first animated short and children’s book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band to wildly positive reviews.

“I’ve always liked to make stories,” Marcus said. “One day, I had an idea for a Halloween band, and then I imagined a boy who wants to be in the band. The idea started out as Black Day: The Musical, and then my mom and I made it into a book. It’s a children’s book, but grown-ups like it, too.”

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