Last Sunday morning I “wrote out” some of the preceding three days’ amazingness. Unsuccessfully.

Image from CNN article on the event. Jason Connolly Photographer.

Image from CNN article on the event. Jason Connolly Photographer.

Bullet point version:

  • Wed night after work: Marcus and I flew to Denver.
  • Thursday morning: Marcus went on Live TV.
  •  Friday Morning: Marcus and I both gave blood to the Human Trisome Project.
  •  Friday Night: VIP Party with super cool and famous people.
  •  Saturday: Marcus had rehearsals, walked the red carpet and posed for pictures with several new friends and famous people (he was especially excited to sneak in a hug with Queen Latifa), fancy dinner with about 1200 friends, then he strutted his stuff with Max Sherman and Hillary Swank, an Oscar winning actress, on a giant runway under spotlights and in front of flashing cameras. 


Then…then we went downstairs to the lobby bar, Marcus wore the gold hat he chose for the after-party, and we chilled. Relaxed and celebrated with friends, some who we rarely get to see because they live 500 miles away and some who drove those 500 miles to support Global and to see Marcus…Do. This.

Which brings us back to last Sunday.

Marcus slept and slept. I went downstairs. We were invited to a lovely follow-up brunch, what’s that phrase, “The heart yearned but the body wasn’t willing” – ? – or something like that. Marcus said he’d rather sleep, then he said he’d rather do a “Just Us” Broadway List. So, we did. Marcus worked out several pages of Martian Marcus the Musical. I marked the pages, we may come back to that. It had some good stuff.

The problem with telling you about the huge event last weekend is…

“Is too much.”

Physically, emotionally, and brain-wise, I crashed hard Sunday. The funny thing is Marcus woke up pretty euphoric. From relief or from the win, I don’t know. He proclaimed, “I won!” a few times over the weekend, because, he did.

He won big.

And, like many other of Marcus’ wins, when he wins we all win.

Like many other of Marcus’ wins, when he wins we all win. Share on X

The event raised $2.1 million dollars for Global Down Syndrome Foundation, the Sie Center for Down Syndrome, and Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome. I am continually impressed by the ambitious goals, scope of work, and the real change and actionable science these organizations bring to the world, for people with Down syndrome and their families, both in the present and for the future.

The Global Event teemed with press and the news has spread. Many articles have featured a photo, or two, with Marcus. And these points don’t even touch on how incredibly warm and loved we all felt to be with the friends who came out, seeing other friends who made the trip, feeling the energy in the room of all the support and excitement, plus the new friends we made. Oh, MY! The new friends we made.

You see my conundrum? This is nearly 500 words in and it’s only the cliff’s notes! SO I’ll share the (worth a thousand words each) pictures now, instead.

This week I’ll also create a link-up with all the news bits I find. ‘Till then, this one’s pretty much all about the man of our hour(s) – Marcus and his Be Beautiful Weekend.  


PS – Quinn was there. However, there is no evidence to this fact. Hmm.