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Black Day: The Monster Book Review from the blogger Mom Knows it All.

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This book just makes me feel good. It makes me feel good because it’s a really cute story in a colorful and nicely illustrated book. The book has a couple of plot twists you probably wouldn’t expect.

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The Children’s Book Review – Review

Check out the front page of the website The Children’s Book Review and you will get a peek of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. And what’s more: A Giveaway! SO please, enter in and tell your friends to check it out. Seriously. Tell. Everyone. Thanks! The Children’s Book Review Review of Black Day is here.



Black Day Reviews!


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Huffington Post Books Review

“Marcus Sikora, Is A Storyteller who Happens to Have Down Syndrome” by Kari Wagner-Peck

When I handed my 8 year-old son a personalized, autographed copy of the children’s book Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, I told him the author, Marcus Sikora, was a 25 year-old man with Down syndrome. I was anticipating some fixed response, as mothers are want to hope for–and are usually wrong about. Thorin, who also has Down syndrome, said: “Okay” then he sat down and said: “Read.”

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