marcus musclesMy grown-up son, Marcus, has Down syndrome.  For much of his life I’ve heard the repeated question: “What are you going to do when he grows up?”

In all fairness to the inquisitors, I generally gave an answer. I like my life events to look intentional. It’s a little game the universe and I like to play. One prank after another.

The deal is, after the health concerns of young childhood that took a few years to mend and conquer; the concept of adulthood may be the next scariest part of having a child with special needs. Add into the mix my musician-composer-voice-over-hilarious husband, my shift from workaholic to novelist, and, well…we’ve got our ups and downs.

So, here we go…To know my boy, there is nothing scary. To know our life, there is palpable joy. To know our journey, it continues to be an adventure in lessons.

Following the rules of blog, I post a few times a week short snapshots. I share moments from then (we have nearly 23 years of material to choose from) and I share moments from now.  If I leave you with a question, feel free to ask it.  If I leave you with a revelation, feel free to share it.  If I post a general rant or big news that has nothing to do with Marcus, well, that’s the blogger’s prerogative.