Free write FridayBlogs are weird. Am I right? I mean we, I in this case, sit down and possibly pour out my soul, or attempt to teach you something new, or maybe just think “out-loud;” and then you come along (we/I hope) and read it. In 99.9% of the cases, I don’t even know you read it.*** Thus starts the Free Write Friday  for June 20th. When I brave the elements and instead of worrying about all that I said above, I write to a 15 minute timer and then, heaven forbid, drop it into the program and click publish. eeeeeek. Are you afraid? I am. But with only 15 minutes, how much trouble can I make?

The cool thing about writing, blogging included, is that this thinking out-loud allows a person to work things out that may otherwise be stuck or avoided. Also, contrary to today’s format, I generally think about what I’m going to write ahead of time. I ask myself questions. I research. And so on. All of this allowed me to have a simple revelation this week about why I always cried on Marcus’ Birthdays. It’s true and as an added bonus, I think the words say much of what I hope to get across to other parents with this whole blog.  

The SEO on that post is terrible. Non-existent in fact. Big red button on my screen. But that’s another blogger problem. Since I’m not selling anything in most cases, and sometimes I’m just sharing Marcus and me with you, well what’s the SEO for that? I’ve come up with an idea this week that may help. We’ll see.

SO – the big news is today is Marcus’ birthday! We have a busy day planned, starting with brunch with our friend Camille. Quinn moved my phone while I was sleeping last night, so I did not hear the alarm set since it was a room away. Thus getting today off to a 2 hour behind start. I love those days! (sarcasm font) But here I am anyway, rambling to you first, then brunch, then errands, then – what? Work? Uh – yeah. Somehow we have to pay for presents and a birthday party.

I had a bit of mini-fame this last week on two counts, The Mighty honored me with a re-post and Ellen Stumbo also posted a guest post. I hope you, whoever you are, hang around, come back, and share. It’s gonna be a big year and I think you all may enjoy the ride! Hay – there’s 30 seconds left and that sounded like a wrap-up.

***Friends, I sweat this is not a passive agressive plea for comments. I love and apreciate comments, yes. However, what I’m really pointing out here is that when I write a blog, then send it into the invisible great world wide web and then…

Who knows?  It’s a strange phenomena, putting so much out there and not really knowing who reads it, who it touches, or doesn’t. It’s just wierd.  

See you next week 🙂