Books Make the Best Gifts

Am I right? Of course! Here’s where I  remind you of a few books for your list, for yourself or for a friend.

Let’s start with fiction

Up_Do🙂  Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers Earlier this year Spider Press released this anthology of very short fiction. The diverse works span genre and style. Since the works are all flash fiction, in this case meaning less than 1000 words per story, I assumed I would read it “in one sitting.” That didn’t happen and I’ll tell you why. (Like you thought I wouldn’t.) These pieces, although short, were packed with complex themes and characters, every word chosen on purpose, the stories made me stop, sit, and reflect instead of breezing on to the next. Good, powerful stuff. I am delighted to have work included in this book; acceptance is always invigorating, but after reading the other stories, I truly felt the honor of being included. SO here are a few purchase links:


Or Kindle: Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers


TFOT - booksIf you’re thinking, one story by Mardra Sikora is good, but more is better! As I hope you are, this fall I released my own small collection of short stories: The Future and Other Twists. (For those of you who have already received copies – reviews are also great gifts to authors. Nudge, nudge.) For you or for someone you love, this is a collection of short and super-short stories is available in Print or on Kindle.

Ok, Kids, enough about me.

Let’s Get Personal!

There are actually a few other books I want to remind you to check out. In 2013 during #DSAM I reviewed the short memoir From Grief to Celebration, then in 2014 during #DSAM I reviewed Life with Charley. Here are a few points these authors have in common: they each have a child with DS, they each have hearts full of love for her child, they each are proud of their child and his/her sense of self, and they each opened their heart to learn from their child. That’s pretty much where their similarities stop. Seriously. Full Stop. These two stories are as different as every snowflake, every butterfly, and every child with DS can ever be. I wish everyone who wants to know more about Down syndrome would read these two books in tandem because those who want to lump all of our children’s hopes and experiences together in one giant soup of assumptions can just…Oops, getting carried away and this is a holiday post.

Soooo – if you’re interested in knowing more about Gary and Alex Bender and their stories of inclusion, community and college. Yes, College. Check out my brief review here or go right to the purchase link here.

If you know anyone who enjoys reading memoir, Life with Charley: A memoir of Down syndrome adoption, is not only interesting for those who can relate, but it’s frankly just a really good read. You can check out my short review here or shoot right to the buy button. (Doooo it.) 

There’s one more DS related book I want to mention, Rob Snow’s What I Should Have Said. I’m going to come back to this with a complete review, but for today I’ll just give you a nugget of the idea: Do you love someone with Down syndrome and you want to laugh? Check out this book. So there ya go, a few books to put in the stocking. Happy Reading!