World Down Syndrome Day is a big deal.

In 2011, For the first time I witnessed a large and influential set of worlddownsyndromedaypeople speaking in favor of my son’s rights and discussing the path to improving his health and longevity. It was the first time I saw groups of self-advocates standing side-by-side with international decision makers. I sat watched all of this from home via the UN website.  So much information, my brain practically seeped from my ears. 

This year’s focus is on: “Health and Wellbeing – Access and Equality for All. Important stuff.

Also, it gives us (families, advocates, and the like) a good day to rally around and talk to everyone else about Down syndrome. It gives us a moment to say, Hey – Maybe today you want to take a moment and look at this. Think about this. Consider…

In fact, I have made several new friends

who have agreed to share a guest post this week about Living The Good Life and Down syndrome.  It’s short and sweet and meant for those who may not be already be aware that Marcus is awesome and living the good life. (From his own quote, by the way.)

The fact that these bloggers are sharing this post means a lot.


Just yesterday, another new friend Karen said, “Awareness leads to acceptance.” And I guess, that’s what we’re doing here. These new friends are letting their readers peek, find, touch for just a moment a place they may not have known before.

Also, this year I feel a strong urge to Celebrate! So much so, I can’t even really explain- I just feel this undeniable surge of Joy about World Down Syndrome Day…

Now, without further ado: Thanks again to the bloggers and networks sharing the words of Marcus and me this week. I hope you pick one or two and poke around on their sites, see their worlds and words and share the love!

*Note* This list will increase as the bloggers share. Yea Everyone!

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Guest Post by Mardra Sikora-How do you define living the good life?






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Madonna School Celebration – Living the Good Life




finding Joy

Living the Good Life,

World Down Syndrome Day, 3/21




Ne Hockey Mom


World Down Syndrome Day, March 21st





Living the Good Life~

World Down Syndrome day is Tomorrow ~




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Mardra Sikora – Living the Good Life





Living the Good Life and Free Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon

Not only does Nicole share The Good Life Tour but as an added bonus give you a crochet pattern to mark the occasion. How awesome is that?

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World Down Syndrome Day 3/21 – Guest Post






 Guest Blog: World Down Syndrome Day







Featured Post: World Down Syndrome Day