OK Everybody, Today is a super cool treat from friends-we-haven’t-met halfway around the world.

Let me first introduce “Celeste.”

Celeste, the person, lives in New Zealand and this film, “Celeste” focusses around her role as an “extra” in her favorite soap opera. I saw this film earlier this year at the Ethan Saylor Memorial Film Festival. I L-O-V-E it!  Since then, this short film has won awards around the world and is only one of a series of short films featuring people with disabilities. 

The folks behind the filming, Bella Pacific Media and Amy Street, are working to make a feature length film featuring Celeste and some of her friends. Viv Kernick, of Bella Pacific Media, has this to say about the series.

“Amy Street is a web series about humanity not disability.

We feel a real responsibility to strengthen the bridge between disabled and mainstream societies, to strive for an inclusive world where all disabled people are included and valued, their human rights are promoted and protected, where they are supported and encouraged to maximize their potential and to realize their wildest dreams.”

I Love People with Wild Dreams!

I think we all know some people with really wild dreams – and I love watching them work hard and achieve. When I say short film, I mean really short, it’s only about 5 minutes and well worth your time! You will be smiling throughout this piece and probably spend the rest of your day trying to find a place to aptly use the term, “Brilliant!” So today this is what I hope you’ll do: 1) Watch this film. 2) Share! Share! Share!  When the Bella Pacific Folks reached out to Grown Ups and Downs, I was amazed at the simplicity of the request – Share! 3) Check out the rest of the series. After you meet Celeste, you will be hooked. Go here: http://www.amystreet.net then share sommore!

You’re Welcome.

Now don’t forget 2) Share and 3) Check out the other films, too!