Marcus and I are on the road, touring his book, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. (Maybe you’ve heard of it?) Anyway, you’d think I’d be spilling over with words and revelations, but the website has sat  quietly waiting for new words much of the last few weeks. It’s really because everything is too much for words right now. I grab a scrap of a thought here and there, but all of the events colliding with emotion may need a minute to settle before I can pull a clear thought, a single strand, from the tangled mess that is my brain right now.

I had big plans for #DSAM15, Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Had being the operative word…

CYWWHere on Change the Your World Wed, I want to share a project spearheaded by another momma – Meriah Nichols – #LifewithDs

Even if, well actually, especially if you don’t have a forum of your own, like a blog or website, go to this spot A Day In the Life with Down Syndrome and share “a day in the life.” Parents, self-advocates, siblings, and/or friends and caregivers, anyone who is a part of the Ds community is welcome to share their story about a day in the life. I love it!

Today I went back and read the post we shared earlier this year – “A Day in the Life – and What a Day!” The day we watched a run-through of Marcus’ one act play “Cassie Through the Closet Door” and were still in the proofing/printing stage of Black Day. It was one of those days when I went, Wow. We are doing this.

Anyway – Back to You.

A_Day_in_the_Life_Stacked_4cThis site is a great idea and will best succeed if there is diversity of stories, and also if your story is there. So go. Check it out. Read, share, comment, and share your day notes. BTW – you don’t have to write it. You can video it. Photo-op it. Whatever. Just share your truth and change the world. #lifewithDs  Facebook and on….