presentsChristmas letter time!!

Every time I create a Christmas letter, I think about all of you. I think about all I wish you were telling me about your life, your families, your year. Some of you send Christmas letters, too. Which I love and enjoy! This year I’m going to make it really easy on you to tell me what’s up. Just wait ‘till the end of this note, I’ll tell you how.

It seems a little odd writing an update of this year for two reasons.

  1.  1) I’ve been publicly telling the universe what we’re up to pretty regularly over the last few years via the interwebs. With 43 new posts (plus reprints) on my site (this year) plus publishing on The Huffington Post, Mamalode, and a handful of other websites, I feel like I’ve said a lot of what needs to be said already. BUT, I recognize that my blog and writing is a pretty niche market and, well, most of you lovely family and friends don’t really have time or inclination to follow these weekly plus updates. So, a Christmas letter is a good Cliff’s Notes of the year. 🙂
  2. 2) What else is there to say but…


Image from CNN article on the event. Jason Connolly Photographer.

Image from CNN article on the event. Jason Connolly Photographer.

Did you see him on the CNN, People, or ET Websites? Ya know, just working the runway and red carpet with Hillary Swank and other stars. Ok, yeah, for reals. That was a big fun night, (Video of Marcus on the runway here.) but seriously, not as cool as the fact that this year’s travels have included him giving keynote speeches at events (including accepting “Alum of the Year” from the Madonna School), doing interviews with people around the country and around the world, and, AND doing a cover shoot for Down Syndrome World Magazine. (Read about that day and see the video here.) 

Again…FOR REALZ?!?!!!!

PGTDS - bI have had a pretty big year, too. The Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome released on January 1st, and after Mark retired for 10 minutes, he asked me join him on a new business adventure and I said, “Yeah… alright.” This year Quinn decided to go with friends to parachute from a perfectly good airplane, I don’t know if that’s related to all else going on, but it seems more than a coincidence. Also, he’s working on the next phase of his online teaching endeavor.

Of course, Quinn and I pretty much live in the shadow of Marcus right now as he is helping us to make more new friends from around the world and shows no sign of slowing up on his creative endeavors and advocacy. From local classrooms to being on the big screen in Times Square this year, each time seems to inspire and push him to his next goals, which include winning a Tony Award, working on the next book(s), and giving more speeches. He has some pretty big ones in mind, I can tell you, there are some ambitious ideas already for 2017 and 2018, too. So, we’ll see.

shape snowflake
There have been some painful cracks in our communal universe this year. We choose to hunker down, stay vigilant, live like it matters, make small changes with great love, and just plain do our best. In the end, I wish you all enough health, strength, and faith to live in a world of purpose and gratitude.  

With Love and Laughter,

The Sikora’s

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