Those who know me in “real life” know that I love Christmas letters.  I love getting them and savoring them, and most years, I send my own.

I love Christmas Letters so much, I wrote a booklet: Christmas Letters for Fun and Profit*Not really for profit. Just for fun.

I’m serious.

That year was the best ever because it actually inspired a few friends and relation to send out their own Christmas letter after years of neglecting the art-form.

Now, as aforementioned, I send a Sikora Christmas letter most years. And in 2012 I skipped, making 2013’s letter weigh upon me all the more.

There are several lines of discourse to be had at this point.

1) I now have a blog that complete strangers and new friends can see what’s going on in the Sikora house at any time, sooooo, why send a letter and/or why would it be hard to write?
2) Also, there’s Facebook – so who needs the Christmas letter anymore?
3) Really? Christmas-letter-block? Pluese.

The Real Confession…

Before I go into any of these objections about said letter, I have the real Christmas Letter Confession to tell you. I make it a rule to not open Christmas cards until I have sent mine.  It’s kind of a reward. (Unless, I have pre-season decided not to send cards, then I can open as they come.)  I love Christmas Cards (and corresponding letters). So right now, I have a not so neatly stacked small pile of unopened Christmas cards on my dining room table. Well wishes from friends and relatives that I have denied myself as… punishment?

Oh yeah. I’m one sick Christmas Cookie.

And the thing is, the arguments up top against sending a letter don’t hold an ounce of water because 1) surprisingly few of my relatives read my blog 2) I don’t have a personal profile on Facebook, it’s a pretty outgoing-only arrangement and even then, same problem as 1. And 3) I know, right?

infogAnd another thing: I actually wrote and printed over 50 copies of two separate Christmas letters. One even on pretty Christmas letter paper. It was an info-graphic. Well…here:

Don’t worry if you can’t read it, it’s going for novelty not substance.

I didn’t love it. So then I wrote a second letter, which turned out to be two pages long and fairly… how shall I say this? Bad. Yeah. It sucked. OY!

So now what? It’s January 16th and where does that leave me? A pile of unopened cards, 2 sets of Christmas letters and an odd feeling of guilt. It’s a sad state of affairs, really.

Obviously I’m going to have to wave the white flag and open my mail. Maybe I’ll get to that this weekend with a glass of wine in hand.


To err is human, to forgive is divine, and to dwell on the trivial is absurd.  

And sometimes…it’s what I do.