Fall Fun

You may know, Marcus and I are not the “outdoorsy” sort. But Autumn’s colors and invigorating cool down do lure us outside on occasion.

The perfect spot? A pumpkin patch, of course!  Add into the mix my brother’s family, complete with energetic 3 year old, and we’ve got a recipe for fun.

Camp Fontanelle

We all rode together the short trip out of town to Nickerson, NE, (not far from Fremont) to check out Camp Fontanelle.

For those of you who have preconceived notions about Omaha and Nebraska, let me assure you, I do not already live in a cornfield. I am just as excited to check out some good agritainment as the next city gal. The fact of the matter is: if we’re around for a great apocalyptic adventure and I have to grow our own food to live: we’ll die.

So picking out pumpkins from someone else’s toil is right up my alley! And that’s just how we started, picking from the pumpkin patch: 100098

From there we headed over to the Jump and Jump and Jump!  We arrived a little early, which was advantages because Marcus had a chance to jump alongside Paul and the few other kids that were already there.  Marcus, a little unsteady at first, quickly discovered that jumping like a 111frog instead. So he hopped across the “pillow” and bounced to his heart’s content.  After more folks showed up, the camp rules break the kids into three age groups and they are each allowed 20 minutes jump time. Paul jumped again later (jumping is one of his areas of expertise) and with so many more folks around, all the grownups watched with a sense of security that the kids enjoyed their jumping time in the sun safely.  (It’s $3 for jump time and one of the many well worth it moments.)


128After Jumping we decided it was time for a short break, so to the concessions!

I Had to take a picture of our picnic table because I was so impressed. Everything in the concession stand is $1. Did you hear me? One Dollar.

Other similar pumpkin patches and the like, who shall remain nameless, make it impossible to enjoy the day at a reasonable cost.  This is just proof again that Camp Fontanelle is there to support their cause (Summer Camps) while still giving families a great day at reasonable prices. Thank you!

OK. What’s next? Laser Tag? Zip Line? Petting Barn and Pony Rides?

Yes. I said that. Zip Line.  For only $10 you can zip line through the forested area on the way to the petting barn.  Marcus and I, well, we’re not really up for that.  But we watched the folks glide along, and they looked like they were having fun.


147 158 146



We headed on to the free petting barn and the pony rides.  The pony rides for the little one: $2.



Corn Maze!

And then to the big reason for choosing Camp Fontanelle, because truthfully we didn’t know about any of that other cool stuff before we got there, a corn maze!nickerson

Yes, I have lived in Nebraska my whole life and up to this point, I had never been in a corn maze.  Here’s the aerial view:

The corn maze cost is $6 for adults and $4 for kids. There are two parts a short and a long. If you go through the whole maze, and you don’t make too many wrong turns, it’s an hour long adventure!

Since we had already wandered through pumpkins and petting and jumping and…Marcus and I went in for the short maze.

168 Where he did his scarecrow imitation. disclosure

Let me tell you, this is a real maze. It’s not just a follow along the path, you’ve got to decide which turn to take, you meet folks walking past that you’ve surely met before and the corn is, well, TALL.  Who knew, right?

Everything was great fun at a reasonable price. If your ready to go and need one more boost – here’s a coupon to help sweeten the deal.

What are you doing for fun this fall?