“If you could cure…”

I stopped him, “That is not a fair question.”

The scientist raised his eyebrows.

How can you speak of “cure” when the issue in discussion is in every cell of his body?

What does it feel like to have 47 chromosomes? I wonder. Does it feel different than 46?

Every cell in our body contains our chromosomal makeup.  Cells constantly regenerate, each set (or triplicate) of chromosomes generating and regenerating as well. Sometimes cells in the typical population, triplicate the 21st chromosome, here and there. But it’s scant – other cells adjust and readjust, and the moment passes. Do we even notice? Do we feel a shift?  I listen and read of the science, I’m fascinated and often baffled.

The thing is, the more I’ve learned, the less I can imagine separating “Down syndrome” and the person. About my son, especially. The more I know of the science of the body, cells, and make-up of the human being, the more I cannot see Down syndrome as anything “outside”

– Marcus is Marcus is Marcus –

His body, his mind, his…self, are one package and therefore I cannot separate one part of his chromosomal makeup out of every cell in his body. I just can’t comprehend how that is possible.

I guess the answer is simpler than I thought, then.


I do not want to cure Marcus of himself. 


This is my 5 minutes on the prompt today “This Body…” which I changed to (t) His body, as is my prerogative.


I’ll tell you what I do wish was cured – Alzheimer’s disease. I will do everything I can to help Marcus’ heart to be/stay strong. Diabetes (in every age/form) can go straight to hell. Fuck Cancer in all its forms. And yes, not a cure so much but, Marcus has requested a magic pill that would allow him to speak more clearly. And then there are the social issues, safety concerns, and lack of empathy in the world. If there were a cure for that…


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