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I’m managing to keep my nose above water with deadlines and finances – but I wish I was a better swimmer. I know, I know, if I didn’t jump into the deep-end and take on the rough waters every time, maybe I would be sailing along instead. I can’t help it! I just know that past these rough waters is where I want to be. Anyone want to give me a floaty to help me get there?

And speaking of deadlines and missing…Although most are self-imposed, I am anxious when they swish by and the calendar doesn’t slow down for me to catch up. What’s with that? I’m sure July will be a banner month for hitting every marker. Right? Right!

Ahh, thinking. You know, even thinking takes longer than I want it too? Boy, I am impatient aren’t I?

Especially when I am creating. I’ve always said that the thoughts come in a flash – but writing the story, the words, takes forever. In truth, the initial thought comes in a flash. But creating the complete story, the characters, the arc, the action, the conflict…All of that creating takes time. And as my husband points out, time to just stare out the window. Because you’re not staring, you’re creating. One of the reasons I miss deadlines is I don’t work in the time to create. I figure – sit down and write. Time. Set.

But there’s more to it than that. There’s the thinking, the creating, the sitting, the stewing, the looking. There you have it, the looking out the window. The looking at the strangers on the other side of the coffee shop. The looking at the trees both in the Spring in bloom and watching them throughout the year so that one day you will write that poem about the leaves falling in Autumn. The one about the beauty of sacrifice and rebirth. The one you started in the back of your mind three years ago and this year, if you keep looking out the window, maybe it the words will bless the page.

Well, that’s mine, what’s your Currently?