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Well, we all know a New Year means resolutions. Or not. But then again…I have made a resolution or two. But if you want to know my thoughts on 2015, the short version is Dear 2015, I want it all. (The longer version is in the link.) There’s no resolving that this year is going to be big, cause it is. I spent most of yesterday in the planning stages for Marcus’ adventures for 2015. I am a spreadsheet kind of gal and he and I are going to hit the streets with Black Day this year. I’ve been teasing and taunting you, and will continue to, hopefully we’re only 12 weeks or so away from product launch.

Marcus, in the meantime, has been planning constantly for his birthday. In Las Vegas. I talked to one of his grandma’s today and she is on-board. So, I guess we all better get to work on that too. Fortunately I discovered that the NDSC conference is shortly after his birthday and being held in Phoenix, so it looks like we’ll be driving in the desert this summer. My favorite! (NOT.)

What’s that next word? Cleaning? OY, don’t remind me. I haven’t taken down the tree or put away our Christmas yet. Not to mention the mail-hedge which is my dining room table. Welp, that’s what’s on the schedule this weekend. Come on over if you want to help. I’ll be working on the house in short bursts all weekend. The good news is, Marcus and I have already picked out a few of the new Broadway Soundtracks he got for Christmas to work to: Aladdin and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The New Musical
That should be fun.

Leaving a bit of exciting (to me), good news until later, I need just a few more confirming details before I can share another fun adventure of Marcus’ coming up in 2015. (Curiosity piqued? I hope so).

And both first and last, in my world we are all thinking about Ethan Saylor’s family today. January 9th is his birthday and his death changed us all. Patti Saylor is working hard to be sure the world is changed for the better, even though her family paid the highest price for the wake-up call. I encourage you to join in the on-line vigil from today through to Jan 12th. #JusticeForEthan

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