Confession: Sometimes Sunday starts and I don’t feel like Broadway List (Sunday morning writing time with Marcus). Maybe I’ve got my mind full of my own to-do list, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m just a little too, whatever, to encourage and document Marcus’ enthusiasm. There have been times I’ve asked him to postpone, maybe later that day or maybe even later in the week we will write together. It’s not easy to talk him into this, he very enthusiastically begins each session with, “It’s Time!”

Yesterday began as one of those days. I slept too late and thought, “I wonder if Marcus will be willing to postpone?” He came downstairs as I was making breakfast and before we even sat down, he started in. There were characters flying from his imagination; he talked very quickly and rattled through the beginning of a wild trip. We hadn’t even sat down to write, I was still cooking breakfast and he stood near the door and chattered away.

There was rainbow man, or something, and someone else, and then there was Darth Oz. Hm, “Darth Oz,” I repeated.

“Yes. Like Darth Vader, but he’s a drummer.”

“He lives in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” Marcus continued, “In a castle. He has feelings. He’s shy. He hates Down syndrome.”



“What?” I turned.

“And he has police dogs. They hate Down syndrome.”

I jumped into the other room, grabbed my notebook, and quickly scribbled down what I’d heard so far, then tried to probe. “So…Darth Oz has Down syndrome or hates Down syndrome?”

“There’s a cage, the police dogs hate Down syndrome.”

Breakfast is then ready, as I’m putting omelettes onto plates my brain is spinning…What the Hell is going on here? “Why does Darth Oz hate Down syndrome?” I asked. But, like rushing into the bubble of a dream and you pop it…

He looked at me and said, not unhappily, “I’m going upstairs.”

What? “Wait – what about Broadway List?”

“It’s fine.” he told me as he bounded up the stairs, “Later.”

Talk about a cliffhanger.

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