In 2015 I said, I want it all. (Also, I said Publish)

In 2016 I said, Purpose.

In 2017 I said, Patience.

In 2018, I say: Produce.

(Also, Stretch. And Clear. But these aren’t as alliterative, so they’re forced to be a subtitle.)

Dear 2018,

I’m still a little tired from 2017, recovering from a good, no – more than good, a seriously incredible line-up that 2017 delivered. (Holy cow, where do I even start on the links? Try this.)

Every year I say I’m scaling back on this or that, every year my husband doesn’t believe me, and I defend that he has no idea how many requests and opportunities and just plain “I should totally do THIS” ideas are presented to me from both others and my own busy brain.

Well, he may have some inkling, since he’s an idea man, too, but as far as from the outside – he has No Idea how many requests I get for my time and energy, and, the point is, I do say no. In fact, if I have, or do, say no to you – rest assured I hate doing that.

That said, the biggest brunt of my saying no this last year has been to my own, deeply neglected, abode. Which is now in full throttle fiasco phase and thus…must be attended to. Sigh. Good News! I’m pretty much giving myself all year to get the top layer taken care of. It’s been a long time since I’ve hosted a “Table of Laughter” and that’s on the to-do list this year, for sure! That’s my inspiration.

What else in 2018?

Mardra Sikora - Down Syndrome AuthorWork World: I elude to my work life a little in this forum, here and there, well this will be a big year for my “day job.” I am committed to promoting a culture of ambition with my incredible team and to bring success for and with the clients we serve.



Marcus World: Oh My! I know many folks are wondering about Book Two of the Black Day Series. It will come. Maybe even in 2018…these things are a process. Even if Book Two isn’t quite available to the wide world by 2018, it will at least be in production, I promise this. And book Three will be started, I’m sure.

Marcus already has several events set for 2018, and did I tell you he’s been a part of a team teaching playwriting to young students in our area? A few fellow writers and allies invited him to be a part of the team, and like any good teacher, he’s been learning a lot while helping to teach the kids.

He has some personal goals for 2018, too, that will need support and development. He’ll tell me when I can share about those.

My Writing: Ah Yes, my writing. I may be less frequent on the blog line up as I work on some bigger and outside projects. I know all 12 of you who follow regularly will forgive and encourage me in any forum, so I take comfort in that. There is always always so much I want to say, want I want to learn and share, what I want to give to both the Ds community and the writing community and also what I want to, maybe selfishly, just say for myself. Sometimes we writers speak into the darkness, what feels like a cavern of our own echoes. Yet, we still yell out. It can’t be helped. And shouldn’t be stopped. I’ll keep carving out the time to let these words out, and hopefully, some of them will be worth sharing, and you’ll come around to see them. 🙂

Dear 2018,

Thank you for giving us another shot to reach for our purpose. We will try to capture and remember the good moments and push ourselves with purpose and ambition (and not out of fear, even when we are afraid).


Dear Everyone, I hope your 2018 is full of big dreams and taking the steps, even the smallest, to get there.