So, that time of year, eh? Reflection and looking forward. The last several years I’ve embraced choosing a word of the year theme.

To recap:

In 2015 I said, I want it all. (Also, I said Publish) In 2016 I said, Purpose. In 2017 I said, Patience. In 2018, I said: Produce.

Some years I’ve stayed true and been more successful with my theme than others. In 2018 we did produce, not as prolifically or as completely as I had intended last December, but I tend to shoot rather high. 🙂  We certainly didn’t slouch and we learned a lot, again. (More on that here, if you care to look around at “People’s Choice – Or What We Learned This Year“)




Dear 2019,

I enter the New Year with a willingness to learn, ambitious goals, and an acceptance that life circumstances can’t always be controlled.

I will use the truth, love, and purpose as my guides.

Most of all, 2019, mark my words: I will triumph. 

 – Ms