ds awareness butterflyNow, I admit. Down syndrome awareness, makes me leery. I just, well…awareness?

Advocacy, maybe. But the term awareness, I just don’t love it. So I considered ignoring entirely the catch phrase. However, Big Blueberry Eyes Blog has the right idea, the longest most effective blog hop and link that can’t help but get Google’s attention with post after post after post of Truth.  I’m late to the party, but there will be no cheating. There WILL BE 31 posts in October, Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The challenge is 31 for 21.

Truth about life. Truth about health. Truth in emotion.

Trust me, these bloggers aren’t going to sugar coat it. Nope. There will be truth and then, uh oh – awareness?

Ooooooohhhhh That’s what we’re going for. Not awareness of Down syndrome, awareness of what is Down syndrome in the lives of the people we love. Real lives.

Not in Wikipedia. Not in journals or fear peddling trolls.


Let’s do this.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

And for you Twitter fans: #DSAM2013

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