Down Syndrome Awareness Month, what did we accomplish?

Well, we pitched into the Google war, battling the negative with the positive, one hopes. We shared outside of our community and we bantered, again and more, within the community. For my own blog, I only accomplished 20 for 21 this year instead of 31 for 21. But I am very thankful to Big Blueberry Eyes for the challenge and the host. Well Played!

This week the Huffington Post shared Marcus’ reply to the Daily Mail: What One Young Man with Down Syndrome Wants You to Understand.

I’d also like to point out the #Giveaway and review of Life with Charley, as of this moment there is only one entry, so your odds are good, go check it out! (Both of these are suitable for sharing, btw.)

Free write FridayWe are heading quickly into the year’s end. Or, for those who see the other side of the coin the New Year. Sorry to mention it, but…I’m still shy of most of my set goals, so let’s all hope for record productivity in these last two months, shall we? I mean, everyone knows that November and December are traditionally very productive months, right? RIGHT? (Sigh.)

Marcus will likely Trick-or-treat a few houses tonight. There is, as there will be every year, some Facebook discussion over if it is appropriate to allow our adult children into the mix. Phme. Here’s my vote, do what’s right for you and your family. Listen to the cues, requests, of your child, be safe, and..well, that’s that. Mostly, he’ll want to hand out candy and eat pizza. He doesn’t really eat much candy, so I’ll try to get him to go early then put his candy in the bowl to giveaway. Annnd everyone’s happy.

So, a quick note about Marcus’ book, Black Day, did you catch the “Cover reveal” on our Facebook Page?

Those members of the club got their peek last week. Oh yeah, that’s a pretty cool perk.

Well, here goes the timer. There are so many topics I was going to cover in October, but they’re all still swirling in the mushy parts of my brain. I’ll keep hammering and hope for more in these last few SUPER PRODUCTIVE months of the year. Was there anything you wanted to talk about? What did you learn? What did you miss? Are you ready for…?