road with spot color rsWell friends, it’s that time of year when all I really want to do is stay under the covers and sleep, maybe read, then go back to sleep. I think I would’ve made a great housecat.

Last week I said we were going to lay low for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, this week it doesn’t feel like I’m doing that. Aside from committing to posting 31 blogs this month, like some kind of crazy woman…

On Tuesday I went to the Department of Health and Human Services “comment” session in Lincoln about how Nebraska plans to implement the new national standards set on by the  nationals which will affect housing, day programs, and work for those who are disabled, especially it seems, developmentally disabled. This is what I’ve learned about how the government shares information:

Option A – The entire original document in legalese and government lingo that doesn’t really make sense or

Option B – watered down version to make the public feel better, but doesn’t really answer any questions.

I will be making the time to dig in more and also to share what I can figure out. I have to supply my comments before October 15th if I want to pitch my opinions in to the mix before they begin implementing changes.

Today Marcus and Paul and I are going to The Rose Theatre to see Cat in the Hat – I love my Paul time and Marcus is digging sharing his favorite thing (theatre) with the boy. Tomorrow is our first Buddy Walk. Should be sufficiently cool and windy, so Marcus will hate it. Uh Oh. We’ll see what we can do about that. Not to keep telling you what I’m going to tell you – but I also have not one but TWO Book sneak peeks to share in the next week or so, including raffles, so I’m pretty excited about that. Free write Friday

In looking back at the blog I noticed that my original Free Write Friday- 15 minutes sessions had a lot more words than my more recent ones, am I actually writing slower? Oh God I didn’t even think that was possible! Ah well, we’ll chalk this up to one more week gone by with, yet again, good things to come. Stay Tuned.