I’m going to share a little old and a little new today. In November of 2014 I wrote:


Waking moments are fewer

The sun says “Hurry up” while

The wind pushes us along and

I swear time moves faster by

Taunting my to-do lists and

My goal sheets

Each minute holds the seconds more loosely than the last

And they fall away quickly like the leaves that desert the trees

Then swirl along the ground

Warning of the darkness beckoning as

The year readies to close its eyes and then

In a moment’s blink

A New Year wakes and we begin again.


I remember writing this, yet it seems impossible it was nearly five years ago. I know we are all amazed at how much changes, and what does not, with each passing year. More than once someone has recently shared the quote with me, “The days go slowly and the years go quickly.” Now, here we are again with the holidays coming, as the stores are so anxious to sell, and with it the stresses that should not be heeded and the joys that should not be diminished, yet we do.

Ironically, Autumn feels more to me like starting over than Spring does. Plus there’s Halloween, the most generous of holidays. There’s busy Marcus schedules. There’s the forcing myself to see the colors of Fall that I love so much. And there’s the kind of air in which you can take big, deep breaths.

I’m keeping it short today as part of the Finish The Sentence Friday  answering, “What I love about Fall…” Join in with your take on the #Hop, or share with us here. What do you love about fall?