I believe autumn plays tricks with time


Waking moments are fewer

The sun says “Hurry up” while

The wind pushes us along and

I swear time moves faster by

Taunting my to-do lists and

My goal sheets

Each minute holds the seconds more loosely than the last

And they fall away quickly like the leaves that desert the trees

Then swirl along the ground

Warning of the darkness beckoning as

The year readies to close its eyes and then

In a moment’s blink

A New Year wakes and we begin again.

That is what I am thinking about today,

Free write Fridayalready here another Free Write Friday. One purpose of this “feature” is an attempt to document a key thought, or action, that I or Marcus learned, did, took on, or whatever this week. However, this week flew by so quickly I hardly noticed that it has passed. I have become scatterbrained from the to-do lists that are in separate sheets spread across my home, office, purses and computer bags. Each list has priorities that I have noted, starred and marked, then leave for the next list and wonder how to achieve the great picture I had hoped to paint with the year.

The holidays are coming, as the stores are so anxious to sell, and with it the stresses that should not be heeded and the joys that should not be diminished, yet we do.

In all of this wistful and over thinking, Marcus did have a big day Monday. The day I keep promising to tell you about (and will again). In short, he participated in a job assessment and, from my motherly perspective, did a fine job. I’m not ready to suggest that this opportunity is right for him. But it is right for the community and I plan to give you a more complete run down so that you can look in your areas as well to support or be a part of similar opportunities. (You know, in a more edited and complete format.)

The timer runs down and this week I was pleased to see my new friend at Curtain and Pen take on a Free Write Challenge on Monday; I hope to see another from her and one from you as well! Please, let me know when you jump into the fray and I’ll be there.

How does autumn affect you? What did you learn from the leaves this week?