Fine Lines

During my first year in this new adventure called writing, I discovered the beauty of the public library. I wrote a lot in libraries and have tried out the several locations Omaha is fortunate to have. It is empowering to write while surrounded by so many great works. It feels good to be among people among the books. And there are limited distractions, enabling work.

Well, limited if you don’t count the books and magazines…

I first picked up a Fine Lines Journal in the downtown location of the Omaha Public Library. I read through several poems and essays and eventually noticed it to be a locally based publication, though of course there are works from folks around the world. I decided to check out the submission requirements and took the plunge.

I sent, “Why I Write,” which became my first accepted piece for a print (outside trade publications). Go team!

At that time, I also discovered that Fine Lines holds a summer writing camp for creative writers of all ages. It’s a great opportunity for writers offering advice, inspiration, and encouragement. The format of the day goes like this:

Meet in the general theater area for words from the Fine Lines teacher and founder, David Martin.  He then introduces a different featured speaker/performer each day.  This year will include dancers, percussionists, musicians, entertainers, and a magician. Each of these speakers focus not only on their craft, but how creating works.


Quinn and I enjoyed sharing the connections between music and writing last year at camp,
stressing that art begets art. You must fill up your creative spirit in order to give of it.
That’s why David Martin brings in this great variety of artists and creative talents.


After the general assembly, the campers split into smaller groups specified by grade then adult.  These sessions then include specific teachers to guide the campers on new projects, encourage discussion and inquiries, and offer time to put words on paper.


Fine Lines SPring 2014 A few days ago the Spring edition arrived in the mail and it includes 2 works of mine. “The Good Life” essay, which I was also able to share at a Fine Lines Reading Event, and a new poem written in dedication to my good friend, Christine, “Singing with Heart.”

So writers, here’s my call to action today for you ->

If you have been polishing that short essay, story, or poem – shine it up and submit! And for those of you in the Omaha area, consider what a great investment $160 and 5 half days, June 9-13th, can be for you and your spirit. More information here.

This is a #TBT – This year’s camp is NNEXT WEEK June 15-19.  It is ONLY $150 and you can register online here.  There is still time. Check it out!

Maybe I’ll see you there…