A Sign of…

paperworkYou know the guy with the desk piled high with papers, post-its, and stuff? It’s a mess really, and he says “Don’t touch anything! I know where it all is!” As he shuffles through this pile and that to find the thing, the whatever it is, you’re asking him for or about.

That guy will never rule the world.

You’ve seen the neighborhood with manicured lawns and fancy houses each with a three car garage perfectly clean, tools and bicycles hanging in order, not a cardboard box in sight? These homes are very unlike mine, and my garage, which has boxes stacked, stuff strewn, garbage and recycling waiting to be taken away…with a garage like that, I will never rule the world.

The thing is, the first thing you must do to take over the world is…get organized.

Steven Wright said, “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” But if someone were organized enough, he could do it. A favorite TV character of mine, Clegg, said “Can you imagine anyone wanting to rule something as ridiculous as the world?” That would take a serious commitment overhaul. The paperwork alone is too daunting to even discuss.

Historically, those who’ve come closest to ruling the world have organized and categorized humans as well. Putting people in segments, choosing who gets what for predetermined yet slightly secretive reasons, and then lining folks up for or against each other. It’s quite a process that requires systems and initiatives. Those most successful make it look natural, beneficial, even necessary.

I’m not built for that.

My organizational process is nothing if not filled with grey areas, even my filing cabinet is full of colors (not coded), some files have labels, some are scribbled on, many (many) have been used, changed, and reused. That’s just for paper stuff, can you imagine how crazy my system would be if I tried to label and box up people? (Even if it would make my life easier, which has been suggested.) No, my systems are messy, horizontal, on the floor, the table and a desk. (And a bin. Or two.) I get tasks done by plugging along on everything, as much as I can, give a little, take a little, from here and from there. However, a clear cut clean mastery of, um, anything, is outside of my reach just now.

There’s a lot of compromise in my life, traditionally not a trait of someone inclined to “rule the world.” But who knows, maybe if I could get organized, what could come next?


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