From the Many Awesome Videos Shared on or around World Down Syndrome Day 2018 (WDSD18)  

Here are five (plus one) you should check out for sure!

Dear Future Mom

CoorDown has done it again with another original video. These are the folks who brought the world “Dear Future Mom” four years ago. In fact, let’s start with that one because, yeah, you’ll see:


So great.
I will tell you, though, Marcus is not a fan. He feels that the sad music (minor chords, ya know) do not accurately portray the message of the film.

Lea Goes to School

This Year’s CoorDown  message is: #IncludeUsFromTheStart. A completely different storytelling methodology with story-book animation. I love it, too! Check it out:

I have more to say on this (Oh – Look surprised why don’t you?) But today, let’s let the video speak for itself.  I strongly suggest checking out CoorDown’s Youtube channel and just hanging out there and sharing their videos with your networks.


Next Up – Another Animated video with a Voice Over by none other than superstar Connor Long. Oh yeah, The Connor Long.  Produced by Rootworthy Films, this one tackles the question, How should I talk to a person with Down syndrome?


Pretty Cool, eh?

Your Next Star Employee

Next Up, from the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, a video shared during a presentation at the UN on WDSD18, Your next star employee may have Down syndrome:


50 Mums

This year’s Grab-A-Tissue winner goes to the “50 Mom’s” video with the hashtag #WouldntChangeAThing.

And your plus one for today?

Marcus Sikora Ambassador Video

The video tribute to Marcus Sikora, of course!

What do you think? What were your favorite WDSD videos this year?

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