World Down Syndrome Day!!!!!!


Seriously. I love that 3-21 is World Down Syndrome Day.

This year 3-21 falls on a Saturday and you know what that means…Stuff to do all weekend long! This week is a huge gear up and we are all Go Go Go!

Who? What? Where? How can you join in, too? Well my friends, you’ve stopped at the right place ‘cause I’m giving you the skinny right now on ways to celebrate the #BonusChromosome.

A DAY IN THe LifeA Day In The Life #LifeWithDS


A rockin’ plan by the head momma of Down Syndrome Blogs in cooperation with the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network. The short version is, well, A Day in the Life. The long version is: Ours will be up tomorrow. Live in hope. And yours can go up anytime. Hop on over, take a look, share your story, and enjoy. You don’t even have to wait for 3-21, go ahead.

Random Acts of Kindness. WDSD high res


I love this theme because really, what is Down syndrome but a random act of kindness from the universe? We have a few plans for this portion of the program. Your best bet is to follow Grown Ups and Downs on Facebook and Marcus or Me on Twitter to get some random acts of kindness shown your way. Hopefully we’ll actually have a little follow-up on this next week. Again, no need to wait. Go on – find your own RAK and pay it out.

Here’s an easy RAK that I suggest, follow Marcus’ lead and tell everyone who helps you, like the cashier at the grocery store, or a restaurant server, or a nurse or a dentist and everyone you live with: “You’re the best.” Do it. Tell them. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and Marcus approved. 

United Nations Webcam. The WDSD Conference Celebration.


This year’s theme is: “‘My Opportunities, My Choices’ – Enjoying Full and Equal Rights and the Role of Families” and there are, as there have been the last several years, so many great minds, international advocates and, this is the best, self-advocates that ROCK. I will be glued to my computer watching the webcam ALL DAY, I’ll be live tweeting and sharing. I really geek out over this event. Seriously. L-O-V-E IT.

Maybe next year Marcus and I will be there. Maybe…

321 EConference

321 conference


As you know, learning is fun. Last year I attended the 321 EConference and also had the opportunity to present for one session. Loved the learning. Loved the focus. Loved it all from my home office. You can still get in on this, there are about 60 sessions over three days. The cost for the whole deal is $85. Yes, $85 for three solid days of learning stuff that is specific to DS. If the classes you want to see overlap – no worries – this price also gives you 60 days of access to all of the classes. SO, you can’t make it to the classes Sunday – all good, you have 60 days to watch it later in the comfort of your own home or coffee shop. That said, it is best to attend live because this is your opportunity to ask questions and get specific with the presenters. Check it all out right here.

A Moment to Remember.


All of this celebrating is possible because of how far we’ve come. We, on planet earth, tend to be pretty slow adapters to social change, but finally, FINALLY, people with Down syndrome are getting a real shot at meeting their potential, following their dreams, learning and sharing and touching lives. Let us not forget,  among this, how far our families have come and this year we are specifically choosing to remember the stolen lives of the T4 Program and Nazi Germany.

Why? Well, for me, it’s about paying attention. One of my new friends from the other side of the world is bringing attention with this lovely graphic:

She and I are aligned.

And now…You!


You ready to join in? All of these are awesome and will keep us hopping all week. And here’s one bonus, easy way for you to help. Share! Please, now and all weekend, share, share share! Here are some easy links and on Thursday there will be videos – videos galore!

On March 21st We Celebrate The Good Life” My #WDSD15 Contribution to the Huffington Post

“Why the Film Menschen is not Just a Movie” On the T-4 program and paying attention.

“Dear Down Syndrome, Stop Trying to Take Credit for My Son’s Personality” The Mighty prompted anyone to write a letter to a diagnosis, this is mine.

But these are just mine – Check out the #LifeWithDS page and share, so many of our friends around the world are shining the light this week on what it means to celebrate with Down syndrome.

How are YOU celebrating this year? Bring it on!