It’s Dec 11, Are you ready?presents

Nope. Not ready for the Holiday Season and not ready for 2016. As you know, the good/bad news is that these events, days, moments, and years come whether we are ready or not.

It’s gray here today.


Even the cars out and about today are gray.

When it’s gray in the Midwest, it’s a permeating gray. I understand the movie Nebraska was shot in black and white, maybe to get this effect across. In fact, Stephen Colbert joked that the movie was actually shot in color, it’s really that gray.

This is why we like snow. We don’t have pretty mountains or really any reason to go outdoors in the snow – but it brightens everything.

Today I saw a single snowflake.

shape snowflakeHave you ever seen it when the snow is so sparse that each snowflake is it’s own? One snowflake, if I put my hand out to catch it would melt to the touch. One snowflake, tossed about in the wind, and hardly visible against the gray sky, beautiful and unique. Alone, fragile and fleeting, but with his brothers and sisters, snowflakes stop cities or bring down a mountain.

That’s my aside for today, something that fascinates me every year.

Free-write-Friday wNow I’m supposed to be working on setting up Christmas letters and cards and shopping, and my least favorite bit – wrapping. Yes, I did it, I just gave you my first world season “stress” list. Sigh. The human moment, instead, is this.

WOW – I am lucky and thankful to have awesome friends. This morning as I was in my wake-up-to-do-haven’t-done-what’s-next-oh-right-wake-up frame of mind, my thoughts scampered through regrets and shortcomings and then on to the friends who have stood and continue to stand by me. Maybe I should have started with that today…but can you believe the 15-minute timer has already gone?

So, Happy Free-Write-Friday! I leave you with this, the song I had in my head this morning and I send it to you: