Free write FridayWhat is this Free Write Friday of which You Speak?

For those of you new to the party, Fridays I do a little “Free Write.” Timer has been set and I ramble on about the week, or whatever, for 15 minutes. Then I spell check, add a photo or two as applicable, and hit *publish.* It is contrary to my MO, because I like to fret over words more than this 15 minutes allows. But, there you go and here we are; so they say. 🙂

This week I have had a one track mind- the short film Menschen.

Last week I saw the film and Tuesday night I chatted with the director, Sarah Lotfi. Wednesday the damn broke and I haven’t shut up about it since. First I posted the review, check it out with trailor. Then the Huffington Post put up my thoughts on DS in the media, even sharing it as a “featured blog” on their Entertainment Page. (A spot I didn’t expect to be before now.)


I also ranted my emotional reaction to Menschen in “Why Menschen is Not Just a Movie.” Thank God my friend Melody let the red pen flow on this one, ‘cause she took my emotional response and helped me tame it into something that’s hit a nerve with other parents, from what I see. AND I’m NOT DONE YET! Yes, there may be more to come, still. Including, but not limited to, a blog talk radio share next Tuesday night at 7:30 central time. BE THERE. And by there, I mean online to listen, I’ll share the links on Facebook when we get that worked out.

Connor Long and the cats of Menschen

Connor Long and the cats of Menschen

Connecting with Cool People

The best part is….wait for it…we will be meeting the STAR of Menschen, Connor Long, next week. What?!? Yes, apparently there’s some Nebraska Roots there and, well, there ya go. Marcus is pretty excited to meet Connor and also share with the Long family news about his projects. SO that’ll give us something to talk about later. Whew. Good thing.

Through it all I have to say, when I think and fret and fear, I am not exaggerating when I say Marcus always keeps me in the present and OK in the end. So, enough about me and back to him.

I will give a “proper blog” to the Ice Troll, a play he’s participating in, but for now let’s say I’m excited about how that’s going. He’s been practicing his lines and working hard to speak slowly and loudly, where every actor (for the stage) must begin. 

Marcus’ Black Day project is, well, Noah Witchell is doing great work and this weekend we start the voiceover work. Squeeee! Isn’t that awesome? Alright, though on the one hand I feel like everything takes so looooonnnnggg, on the other hand, we’re plugging away and time is pushing us to…speaking of time. There is goes. Bleep-bleep-bleep.

Another week down. Who’s ready for the next?