Somewhere between looking at the year gone by and looking forward at what is yet to do,

I wonder where the words fit? Words in the ether…

Welcome to the MOST indulgent and repetitive Free Write Friday Yet. You’ve been warned.

Such a long list of subjects in the works but not yet articulated here on Grown Ups & Downs: How we talk about Down syndrome in our house, What makes you different, Should we “just get along?” Vigil for Ethan Saylor, Our Land, Jobs, Sleep, Happy shaming, and on and on. (Most of those were on my “deadline” list for last October, by the way. Will I ever catch up?)

Here’s good news: The Christmas Letters are written. However, they are not addressed or, obviously, mailed. Last year I wrote and printed two Christmas Letters, I did not send either of them.

Free write FridayHere’s another confession, I wrote a FWF last week and never posted it, uh oh, that’s against the rules. Also, I wrote a different FWF once already today and pitched it. This is the next 10 minutes. (I docked myself 5 minutes for cheating.)  Part of the problem is I haven’t written anything except the Christmas letter this week and frankly, my brain is swimming with distraction, bad news, questions, melancholy, and to-do lists. FOCUS PEOPLE! If I had written this week, perhaps I’d have worked through some of that crap. When will I learn? Maybe next year.

And there are things I wanted to tell you about, like Marcus’ focus this year on the “nice” and “naughty” lists, this is an interesting development. Also, how when he needs help with a letter, if we use sign language, he can write it. There’s a brain connection there that’s…interesting. A new friend posted a review of “Arguing Eugenics” on Amazon and also on her blog, so lovely. Also a friend from High School posted a review of The Future and Other Twists, that was a lovely surprise.

The biggest news is we started recording the vocal work for Black Day. !!!!!! More more more to come on that. It’s such a huge project and we are so excited to have Noah on our team, he’s impressed us all along the way.

Who’s ready for 2015? SO MUCH TO DO