Hello Friends, Today I have an article in the Crime section of the Huffington Post. For the moment it is included on the “Front Page.” For the Love Of God, don’t go there. I can tell you in all honesty, it is the last page I ever would want to send you or even have an article/blog included within. Trust me. However, I am still sad and sickened, and I’m sure you are too, about the death of Ethan Saylor, and here’s the deal, more people still have to be made aware of this situation of there is ever any hope of change. I know that we don’t all agree on what that change should look like in the middle, but we do know what it should look like in the end. The tragic deaths of people with disabilities for no reason other than misunderstanding has got to stop. STOP. This article does recap the Ethan Saylor events in such a way that those who are unfamiliar with the case will have enough information to know this death is unjustified, just as so many others that have made the newsline lately. I’ve noted that the idea of #JusticeForEthan has shifted from justice for the death of one man and the loss to his family, friends, and community to justice for many and prevention as well. Alright. That’s where my words are in the world today:

“What We’ve Lost Since Ethan Saylor’s Death” on the Huffington Post.