I think the whole community is still recovering from #WDSD14

Seriously, after so much awareness building, advocacy pounding and learning – Oh the learning! – I think the whole DS community has quieted a minute to recover. At first it’s energizing and now…I’m tired. Let’s all take a deep breath. Take a minute to enjoy our families, before we hit the streets again.

For many years I worked a “big job” with a lot of hours. Friday nights were the best night of the week because I’d usually come home at a reasonable hour and enjoy “Lazy Night at the Sikora’s.” aka, everyone crashed in the family room with comfort TV, maybe a video game or two, and likely falling asleep before making it into bed.

I’ve scheduled a lazy night tonight.

LazyWe’ve been all go and will continue to be all go, well, until Fall so far as I can tell. This is the last available lazy night in the foreseeable future.

You understand.