Hello Friends,

Last Friday night Marcus want to a Halloween dance that is sponsored annually by a local organization that serves adults with developmental disabilities, The Ollie Webb Center. He looked pretty sharp. Exhibit A:

Marcus Cat in the Hat He’s an odd bird about these sort of events. He really wants to go and looks forward to it. Then he goes and finds himself a corner to dance in and pretty much doesn’t talk to anybody while he’s there. I get it, and also I don’t. After the dance we went to the bar for a cheeseburger, and there just happened to be karaoke at this bar, so he didn’t let me get us out of there before midnight. It’s hard to party with the young people! Another blogger I know showed up. She and her friends were an absolute delight to hang out with. Marcus put them in the #MarcusClub. Exhibit B:

In other news, Marcus has begun going to rehearsals for a winter play called The Ice Troll. (Another Ollie Webb event) and he’s working on his lines. While he was at rehearsal on Tuesday I went to an open house for a new intern program that pairs young adults with job training at the UNMC via Project Search. It’s a very exciting program. It may, or may not, be for Marcus, but it will definitely be awesome for a handful of adults in our community who need a chance at employment. I will be sharing more about this as I learn more. For sure.

As a side note, it wasn’t until I was sitting in the room listening to the powerpoint presentation that I remembered/realized, there’s an Ebola patient in this hospital. Right now. The hospital I am walking in. That thought, honestly, was a bit unnerving, but, there ya go.

And then Thursday, the Daily Mail hit us with their second hit. (Apparently they were going for the ‘ol One-Two Punch.)  I woke up at about 6:30 to my twitter notices alight and then on it went. All day.

Free write FridayBut before all day, I had a morning meeting and I explained, to this person who didn’t really know me and has never met my son, about this article. That was, as it always is, a learning experience that I didn’t want to have. But – There’s more to say on that later, as the timer is winding down.

SO – What did you learn this week?

Did you get your sneak peek at the book cover for Black Day? If you are a member of the club, you did.
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