theatre thursday

Have you ever felt almost outside of yourself?

Like your spirit moved? Have you ever felt simultaneously connected and disconnected in a way that something, somewhere, what was inside of you is now…Am I getting too spooky for you? It’s hard to articulate this sort of feeling.

For me, it happens with only one medium – music.

Live music. Music can move within me, surround me, empower me, and bring me to my knees. It’s only logical I married a musician and my boy, he shares this love with me. The experience of music, of community, of a higher plane – he feels it. This is part of why he connects so distinctly with the songs of Memphis, “Memphis Lives in Me” is really translated to “The Music Lives in Me” when Marcus sings along.

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays with music?

We Are! We’ve been invited to CHRISTMAS WITH THE KING’S SINGERS, DECEMBER 3 AT THE HOLLAND CENTER and what a delight we are looking forward to! First off, I’ve bragged before about our Holland Center, and surely will again, what a great venue and treat we have in Omaha. And as for the King’s Singers, such a classic vocal group steeped in history. Also, they’re British, so maybe they’ve heard of me. (Ha! Little inside joke there, friends.)

Then, on December 7th, we’re going to Joyful Noise: A Gospel Celebration Featuring Salem Baptist Church. There will be two shows that day, we haven’t bought our tickets yet, but have been advised to buy ahead because right now tickets are $15 ea but will go up to $20 each the day of the show. I have never seen a gospel choir that didn’t move me to tears. It’s true. There I sit, Middle-America, Swedish/German/Euro mix, weeping at Gospel music. Every time. Isn’t that true for everyone?

So I’ll leave you with this video (not Christmas music, but still awesome) and these links and maybe see you at the shows. 🙂



Click on Picture to read full disclosure

Click on Picture to read full disclosure

Both shows are presented by the Omaha Performing Arts. The King’s Singers in the Kiewit Hall at the Holland Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, December 3, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $25 and are available at or at the Ticket Omaha Office inside the Holland Center. Joyful Noise: A Gospel Christmas featuring Salem Baptist Church in the Kiewit Hall at the Holland Performing Arts Center on Sunday, December 7, at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance and are  available at, 402.345.0606 or at the Ticket Omaha Office inside the Holland Center, 1200 Douglas St. Tickets will be $20 the day of the performances.