The Goodbye Girl movie credits scrolled on the TV in my mom’s hospital room just after she fell asleep on Monday. I sat next to her as the song played:

Goodbye doesn’t mean forever.

Goodbye doesn’t mean we’ll never be together again.

I left for a few hours for an event with Marcus, we came back to the hospital after.

She was asleep. I talked to the night nurse a bit and told her I’d be back the next morning, but we agreed she would call me if I needed to come earlier.

Marcus whispered, “Goodnight Grandma” as we left the room.

After the funeral Saturday, Marcus he told us he’s thankful that Grandma Sam is “not confused anymore.” He helped me several times with my mom over these past several years as her lucidity came and went.

Today he said he’s also thankful we had a nice funeral for his Grandma.

It was a nice funeral if you can imagine such a thing. There were many beautiful flowers and plants. (Flowers are a particular love language of mine and my friends and family spoke this support to us.) There was more music than anything else. I think she would have approved of that. There was laughter between the tears. That’s important.

It may sound weird, but I’ve cried more than I thought I would, and I don’t feel like talking today.

Wherever our soul goes upon death, I hope it means peace for my mother.


“Forget your past my goodbye girl, because now you’re home at last.”