One thing about blogging, it’s a constant journey to find that sweet spot where I, the writer, am helping you and somehow, allowing the writing to also help me. Helping me to see that the whole thing – you know…life, talking, writing, being – isn’t all an exercise in futility and in doing so, assuring you of the same. Right?

OK, you still with me?

The Sikora household has been exceptionally manic as of late; we are dreaming big dreams, taking big risks, and facing big fears. And we’ve (I’ve) decided to do so much of this publicly. Pretty smart thinking for a family of introverts.

ANYway – Thanks to the Marc and Angel website, I am reinstituing:

CYWWChange The Your World Wednesdays

I credit Marc and Angel because today I’m requesting you join me in asking – and more importantly answering – some of the “20 questions that will free your mind from negativity.”

Really – share in the comments or, if you’re feeling inspired, link your blog at the end of this one and give us the whole story.

I thought we’d (We’re in this together, right?) start with #1.

What are you grateful for and positive about right now?  

Yeah. Really, it’s embarrassing to admit how I allow my brain to put such a dark cloud over such a lucky life. SO, continuing in the tradition of lists. I’ll do 10 – right now.

1) Our health. I’m grateful Marcus is a strong and healthy young adult. I am grateful that I have (practically) forgotten what it’s like to live in pain and fear of pain.

2) We have a home with a roof and heating and air-conditioning. I don’t want to brag, but I am very grateful for our home.

3) This computer, internet and the technology to meet and chat with other folks from around the world. The world! When Marcus was born we were alone (seemingly) now we are connected.

4) If I won the lottery, I’d do most of the same things I do every day now. I’d write, I’d read, I’d laugh with my family.

5) Speaking of laughing, I’m grateful that I have a husband and son who both laugh at my jokes and want to make me laugh, too. That laughter is an important element of our daily living.

6) I’m grateful for clean water and hot showers. Very.

7) I’m grateful for the new and old friends who encourage me to keep on, keep trying, and encourage me to continue towards my dreams.

8) I’m grateful there are toddlers in my life so that I can go to the zoo and “kid movies” and play cars and marbles. I’m extra grateful for their smiles and hugs.

9) I’m grateful I can read. I’m grateful for libraries. I’m grateful for bookstores.

10) I’m grateful that Marcus and Quinn love me and that we have each other.

To change your world, some days it starts with simple acknowledgements. What are you grateful for today?

Tell us…