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Grown Ups and Downs – A Down Syndrome Blog 2017-11-04T16:03:26+00:00
mardra and marcus

In fact, sharing the theme of “What are you going to do when he grows up?” Has been my honor on sites across the globe and also ‘live’ at a Listen to Your Mother Event.

Following the “rules of blog” –  I sometimes share moments from then (we have 27 years of material to choose from) and I share moments from now. If I leave you with a question in this down syndrome blog, feel free to ask it. If I leave you with a revelation, feel free to share it. If I post a general rant or big news that has nothing to do with Marcus, well, that’s the blogger’s prerogative.

Here are some blogs or subjects to start with. Or just scroll down for our most recent adventures!

Front Page News

For the second time, Marcus is Front Page News.


Today’s Headline:

Omaha actor, writer, advocate wears many hats

Ambassador for Down syndrome group will walk the runway this weekend

It begins:

Last year, Marcus Sikora — a 27-year-old Omaha writer, actor and fashion model with Down syndrome — got to walk the runway with an Oscar-winning actress. This weekend, he’ll walk with another.

Sikora is the 2017 ambassador for the Denver-based Global Down Syndrome Foundation. He’s also a model in the organization’s annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show. The events draw some pretty big names.

Last year, Sikora walked with Hilary Swank.

“Her feet hurt,” he said of the Nebraska-native star of “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby.”

And at Saturday’s show in Denver, Sikora will walk with Marisa Tomei.


Today I want to talk about allies. People who will stand by us, support us, even go to war if needed.

Friends who became allies

Our friends, seriously guys, I don’t mean to show off but – c’mon! Through thick and thin. Highs and lows. Our friends celebrate with us every win, with the understanding of what each win means to us. Many of our friends are traveling over 500 miles to celebrate with us at the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion Show. And though everyone who we know to be an ally can’t make that trip, they support and celebrate Marcus online, in person, and at our celebration back home.  Many of our friends Marcus and I have grown up with, and they

They Probably will do More Amazing Things

Priceless = So precious that its value cannot be determined.

In July, Google Alerts led me to an article, which shared chunks of a letter that rocked my world. Today, I read the whole letter. I met the young writer responsible. And introduced Marcus to her and her schoolmates.

This week I am co-hosting a blog hop with the prompt “What is priceless about” – I intended to write about today, anticipating there would be much to tell. And there is. The moments that were tricky, there and lurking. The cool and surprising bits, like trading a book for a shave in a Maryville barbershop. My emense gratitude for allies in our life like Noah and his family.

Overcoming, working through, sharing, meeting, and holding close all of this, created a day of priceless moments.


The Year I Nearly Missed the Great Pumpkin

When I was a kid, if you missed your favorite holiday show on TV, you missed it FOR A WHOLE YEAR.  Can you remember those days? or for some of you, imagine those days?

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

When Marcus was little (and he was little for a long time) one Halloween season I remember noting the night “The Great Pumpkin” was going to air. I marked it on my calander as a do not miss. I made a commitment that Marcus and I would enjoy “The Great Pumpkin” together like I did when I was a kid.

Most nights, Quinn dropped Marcus off to me at work after the other office folks had left for the night, and Marcus sat in one desk or another and entertained himself  while I plugged away.


School Event

April 6, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am

School Event

April 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am