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Grown Ups and Downs – A Down Syndrome Blog2023-10-15T22:20:06-05:00
mardra and marcus

In fact, sharing the theme of “What are you going to do when he grows up?” Has been my honor on sites across the globe and also ‘live’ at a Listen to Your Mother Event.

Following the “rules of blog” –  I sometimes share moments from then (we have 33 years of material to choose from) and I share moments from now. If I leave you with a question in this down syndrome blog, feel free to ask it. If I leave you with a revelation, feel free to share it. If I post a general rant or big news that has nothing to do with Marcus, well, that’s the blogger’s prerogative.

Here are some blogs or subjects to start with. Or just scroll down for our most recent adventures!

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Hello! My name is Mardra Sikora.  I’m a mom of an adult son with Down Syndrome and I think “Awareness Months,” in general, are a good thing. At the very least, they give social media managers something new to share about. At best, they teach and remind those outside of a community of the issues that affect people inside a community, and facilitate more honest conversation and create allies.

Way back in 2013 when I started this little site. I reasoned: Not awareness of Down syndrome, awareness of what is Down syndrome in the lives of the people we love. Sharing stories, that’s what all good stuff seems to come down to.

Courage Vs Fearless And Toe-Dipping

A few years ago I shared the blogpost “We don’t live Fearless.

After a short rant about the grammatically correct way to use “fearless,” as opposed to “fearlessly,” I dove into the crux of the matter, which is:

Should life be lived without fear? What good is living a life without fear? Fear is a powerful signal. Sometimes it’s a warning of what we need to avoid; sometimes it’s a warning to prepare. Yes, fear has its place.

I’m not a big pursuer of fear. For example, I don’t like scary movies because I don’t like being afraid. I assume other people like being afraid because of the feeling of relief at the end, the satisfaction of coming out the other side. I recognize its value, but I don’t go out looking for ways to

The Friction of Reentry

Let’s talk about reentry.

To Work of course

Marcus’ first outings where human contact is possible (but masked) so far have been limited to coming to work with me on the weekends. No surprise as we are the “work club.”

Yesterday he helped by placing sample description labels in folders.

From a previous Building the Future Gala event, Marcus and Jeff Quinn.

Advocacy Recognition

Our first big outing will be at an event where Marcus will be recognized for his advocacy work by our local DSA, the Building the Future Gala. He’ll give a short speech and several of our  friends/family will be there. 




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