Parceling Love and Other Conundrums

The prompt today is “Love (a free-write)”. Free-writes are by nature personal and rambling.

Also, because my laptop is having issues, we’re going Avant Garde with punctuation. The question mark will be signified with /.

Enter at your own risk.

Of the 468 blogs currently on my website, the search term “love” brings up 233 results. Of those, 12 “headlines” include love in the title.  So, yeah, I’ve been known to talk about love.

To start with, there’s “WHAT ONE YOUNG MAN WITH

When it Comes to my Son with Down Syndrome, I’m Not an Optimist

“We can still come back and win. It’ll only take 2 touchdowns and a field goal,” I said to my grandfather during one of the many brutal football bowl games of my childhood.

“No. They won’t.” He sat with his arms crossed, defeat accepted, but he still watched the game to the end.

“You’re a pessimist.” I moved to the floor in front of the TV.

“I’m a realist,” he said.

A Pessimist, an Optimist, a Realist

“A realist,” he explained to me, “doesn’t think the worst will happen every

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29 Years and Still…

The day Marcus was born, and I was given that book, I remember these two things from page one: First: “Do not put your child in an institution.” Wait…What!?! No one is putting my child anywhere, what are you even talking about?

Then secondly, the average life expectancy of a person with Down syndrome was 30 years.

Keeping in mind I was 19 years old at the time, do you remember what 30 looked like when you were 19? There would be plenty of time.

Now, I don’t have to tell you how quickly time passed and continues on.

Last week my Marcus

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Another Broadway Rundown

Times Square and theatre fuel Marcus’ busy brain like nothing else. He absorbs and reflects the energy and passion.

When Marcus is one of a group of many, it’s hard for him to be heard and share his ideas. When he and I travel alone, especially on a theatre trip, he shares constantly; we chat together non-stop. In fact, this last trip I marveled internally at how much he had to say in every conversation, never at a loss for words.